Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hello Again

Hi all..
I am sorry that I havent been on here much, I know I have neglected my friends,I have just hit a slump, why I don't know, Maybe its because I am missing college, and boredom has set in I havent a clue. But I have finally put a mini kit together, named after My beautiful Niece Brooke Harriet Elizabeth barker. So as I am uploading that to 4Shared I am writing this.
I went out up Hanley the other night to watch the Michael Jackson tribute act navi, Oh was I surprised..He was fantastic, every hair on my body stood up, If you ever get chance to watch him please go, He is amazing, he has actually stood in for The Great man himself. I am putting a piccie on of him, I didnt take many of hime as I was too busy videoing him, I trye to upload to Youttube but its too large,lol..
I was looking at my friends piccies of us all that night, and I think that has saddened me too, Since my operation I have piled on the pounds because I havent been allowed back to the gym, So I saw the pics and I looked vile,lol....So I am off to sort that out asap. Thanks for reading and I am back..:-)

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