Friday, 10 July 2009

New to Blogger

Hello all..
I have opened a Blogger because I am attempting to make my own Scrapbooking kits, well we all have to start somewhere,lol...A lovely lady and friend on Scrapbook Flair has given me the encouragement to have a go, Thank you LynneBoo..
I maybe slow at it but I am deffo having a go. This Blogger on the other hand is so hard to get to grips with, I'm usually all set up by now with my page, but for the life of me I cannot get to change the nasty green at the sides, or put my own patterns on HELLLPPP...:-)


  1. well you have got rid of the nsty green...l am trying to do that so maybe you can teach me eh?

  2. congratulations on your first kit, Im so jealous, I wish I knew how to do all that, I want to learn but its a lot to grasp, I get kinda how to create things, but I dont know the whole concept of putting it all together on a page to download and all that, so congrats again, glenda